Necromunda Book of Life

a Necromunda Supplement exploring the flora and fauna of the Underhive

In the damp depths of Necromunda’s hive cities, whole ecosystems of creatures have evolved around primary producers, organisms that are capable of producing energy on their own using chemosynthesis to break down the multitude of chemical and organic waste percolating through to the abysses and mausolea of the underhive. Others consume the very hive itself. Particularly common within the hive are ferromorphic organisms that prey upon and slowly break down the plasteel, ceramite and ferrocrete structures of the seasoned hive areas that have suffered a sufficient loss in atmospheric control and biocidal coatings. These producers are vast genera of fungal organisms, colonial bacteria and chemo-algae. Although common in the ill-maintenance and disrepair of the underhive, these organisms are known to extend to domes ruined by collapse, hive quakes, and entombment.

Some basic life, such as bacteria and algae, are even phototrophic with the ability to photosynthesis using lumens that still burn decades after the hab-blocks and conn tunnels have dropped below even the most desperate of abhuman living standards. The diversity is quite extraordinary and continues to extend due to the nature of the hive. Habitants and off-world travellers have added to its biodiversity from all over the sector, brought in as curio or foodstuff, stowaway or contaminate. Over the centuries this intense environment has shaped the mix of invasive species into a savage and resilient cast of misfits, a mirror to the human populous itself.

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by Carl R Johnston

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