Mentors vs Biel-Tan

A narrative, WH40k, scenario, for two players, pitting the Mentors Space Marines chapter against the Biel-Tan Eldar

A Biel-tan scout vessel has advanced ahead of the Craftworld and found an ancient Maidenworld called Charadon in the mongrel tongue of the mon-keigh) overrun by Orks and, to some extent, Humanity. The vermin have filled every crevice of the planet with their filth, poisoning the air and defiling the seas. The Craftworld sent forth a host to take the world and cleanse it of the interlopers. While the Orks are proving a difficult foe to thwart without incredible losses, the Humans are a constant distraction. The Biel’tan have decided it’s too dangerous to fight a war on two fronts and have decided to, for now, focus their attention on the last vestiges of resistance Mankind has dug into the farthest corners of Charadon. Besides, nothing could be worse than the Imperium having some hope of gaining a new foot-hold here.

A small contingent of Mentors have been bolstering the Ultramarines against WAAGH! Snagrod in Ultramar itself and with the Crimson Fists on Rynn’s World. The desperate nature of the situation has led to the arrival of the Lessons of the Vanquished, a Mentors Strike Cruiser, carrying additional Mentors reinforcements.

The Mentors, then, take it upon themselves to delve brazenly into the Arch-Arsonist’s territory, bent on cutting the head off the snake and disrupting the entire WAAGH! from the inside-out. The Mentors quickly make their way to the Charadon system in the hopes that they can bolster Imperial forces before it’s too late.

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by Masters of the Forge

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