Lustrian Reavers

Mordheim rules for a small warband of hard-to-replace jungle warfare veterans

Countless expeditions of ambitious and greedy invaders from the Old World have been lost in Lustria. Some to diseases, others to Jungle Beasts, and many more to Lizardmen, the stern defenders of their ancient civilization. But despite all these hardships, the tales of the Cities of Gold lure more and more adventurers from beyond the sea.

Against the odds, some survive. The toughest, most skilled and the most resourceful often band together after the crews they arrive with succumb to the endless perils of the New World. These groups are known as Reavers: the most ruthless, skilled and dangerous of the invaders beyond the ocean. They have claimed the jungle their home, and they thrive within it thanks to their savagery. They are armed and equipped with the very best wargear salvaged from their fallen comrades and entire companies lost to the pitiless jungels of Lustria.

They scorn any newcomers as unwelcome competition for the riches the Reavers still feverishly look for, and only accept a few prospective new members into their small bands. These prospects tend to be young survivors of newly-arrived expeditions or settlers whose abodes were attacked by Lizardmen, Amazons or one of the many primordial monsters prowling the jungles of the New World.  Most of these fresh recruits die well before they realize their dream of joining the Reavers as full-fledged members.

When one of the Reavers die, the warband spares no effort on recovering the lost equipment, weapons and armour, as a new Reaver is selected by the surviving Heroes. The newcomer is welcomed to the ranks of Reavers, and dons the panoply of the predecessor in a ceremony that often involved copious amounts of Estalian wine.

This download includes rules for the Lustrian Reavers Warband for Mordheim.  These rules represent a Warband consisting of a limited number of hard-to-replace veteran jungle fighters.  Think of a group of tough warriors who’ve crash landed in the Lustrian Jungle and are now fighting for their very survival!

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by Toumas Pirinen

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