Lands of The 9th Age

an official T9A 2e rules supplement including new terrain, weather, & special items

Lands of The 9th Age is a terrain supplement intended to add depth and variety to games of The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles, while providing additional opportunities for narrative play. As such, it may not be ideally suited for tournaments or other type of competitive play. It is recommended that you discuss with your opponent before the game and reach an agreement whether or not to use the contents of this book (e.g. the extended terrain tables, Special Items, and/or Army-Specific Terrain). Additional layers of customisation can be added beyond terrain generation by including the rules for Weather and additional Special Items focused on terrain interaction, which should also be discussed and agreed upon prior to game play.

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by fjugin, Jan Willem “Blonde Beer” Veenhof, & Grimbold Blackhammer @ The 9th Age Team

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