Kratos Heavy Assault Tank Datasheet

official WH40k 9e datasheet for the Kratos

Outfitted as standard with the massive Kratos battle cannon and a co-axial autocannon, this tank means business. Should you wish to make different noises in your Shooting phase, you can swap the battle cannon for a melta blast-gun or searing volkite cardanelle. Oh, and did we mention the four extra guns mounted on its hull and sponsons? You can mix-and-match between heavy bolters, lascannons, volkite calivers and more.

Not content with sporting some truly absurd firepower, the Kratos also has some truly absurd armour. With Toughness 8 with an impressive 18 Wounds, it’s a prime candidate for spearheading an armoured column, troops with its dozer blade, blasting holes in giant monsters – you name it, the Kratos can probably blow it up.

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by Games Workshop

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