Knight Joust

A, multiplayer, WH40k event for a single model tournament

Good day and welcome, noble Knights, to the Joust. This will be an event of honor and glory, where favors of the Court shall be bestowed on the victorious. You will face many opponents in the lists, so bring as many lances as your squires can carry.

The Knight Joust is a casual, themed 40K event in the style of a Tanksgiving or Dreadnought Bash. What does that mean, you ask? Essentially, you bring one of your models (in this case an Imperial Knight of any flavor you like) and we all go Battle Royale against each other on one large double-table setup. If your Knight is destroyed, never fear, your pilot will simply be transferred to another Knight chassis and you will respawn back on the board immediately. Points may be earned for a variety of things as seen below, and at the end of the game, there will be awards for things such as most points earned.

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