a multi player, narrative, AoS campaign, built around Path to Glory, that can be played with any scenario

The realms are vast and without end. Thousands of kingdoms have risen and fallen in the tiny span that is measured by time. Here upon a slice of reality you have a chance to lead your warband from obscurity to be one of the greatest ever written about!

Kingmaker is a campaign series all about telling the story of you and your ascent. Build your kingdom, unlock magical artefacts, unlock abilities with the Path to Glory advancement system. Recover the power locked away within Sigmar’s Storm Vaults.

In the end, there can only be one king.  Will it be you?

Kingmaker is a narrative campaign that is based on the Matched-Play rules found in the General’s Handbook. As it is a narrative campaign, there are some narrative devices that will be used in this campaign that will alter some of the Matched-Play rules a bit.  The point of these extra add-ons is not necessarily to bring balance to the game as it is to bring a more intuitive and immersive experience to the game. The Sudden-Death victory conditions do attempt to even the battles a bit by not trying to restrict what players may take, but rather for the most obvious builds in Age of Sigmar, it introduces a risk factor. It is understood that many people buy and collect armies based on how well they do in the base game and that what is very good in the base game may not be as good here, or have a little bit more risk involved in this campaign. However, it allows a very large part of the game that normally would be unplayable to participate and at least feel that they have a fighting chance to have a good game. It also encourages players to field armies that they normally would not in a competitive pick up or tournament environment.


by Chris “Auticus” Nye

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