Killing Grounds

a Warcry campaign system overhaul inspired by Mordheim and Necromunda

The idea for the supplement you have in your hands was born after looking at the core Warcry rules for fighter advancement.  Ivan found the campaign and progression rules to be dull and simplistic, so he decided to come up with the following system to enhance the base game experience and hopefully make it more enjoyable. If you’re the kind of person that really likes telling the story of your miniatures, and watching your fighters grow into mighty champions or die a horrible death, then you’ll enjoy Killing Grounds!

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*** Killings Grounds was developed during Warcry’s infancy when its campaign system was very basic.  Since then the Games Workshop 2019 Tome of Champions has provided an official overhaul to the campaign system and incorporates much of the spirit of Killing Grounds. ***


by Ivan Acosta

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