In the Shadow of the World Axis

event pack for the 1st global narrative event

” Built on a cliff in a dried-out akebed it can be seen for miles.  No wonder the natives call it the World axis, since it can be seen no matter where you are or what you do.  Everyone lives in its shadow. ” – Odessa Twiceborn, Knight-ArcanumAs forces gather around the huge ruin known as the World axis the time for battle is upon us. Order have been marching day and night while Chaos and Death have been trying to slow them down, for their own reasons. Chaos so that they could fortify the site and Death so that they could find a way into the heart of the structure.

This download is for the event pack for a Global Narrative event hosted November 2022 by called In The Shadow of the World Axis and includes four custom scenarios!

Read more about the narrative behind this battleplan at the Milarki site here!

Download this event pack directly from the Milarki site here!


by Milarki

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