Homebrew Necromunda Scenarios

10 homebrew necromunda scenarios to spice up your campaign

This download includes ten homebrew Necromunda scenarios that you can include in your campaign!  Scenarios include

  1. An Affair of Honor – Two fighters meet to settle a question of honor
  2. The Aimless Cogitator – Gangs scour the Underhive for a valuable, but damaged, Archeo-Cogitator
  3. Stalking The Stalker – A vicious entity, The Stalker, threatens the Underhive
  4. Two Traps! – The gangs have planned ambushes against each other
  5. These Streets are Ours! – Gangs clash for control of the Zone
  6. Hearts and Minds – Vie for the loyalty of hive dwellers
  7. The Informant – An informant must be escorted through enemy territory
  8. The Fabulous Riches of Captain El’Adir – Rumors of treasure prompts a frenzied search
  9. The Long Haul – A gang must secure a vital supply shipment
  10. Children of a Lesser God – The fate of an abhuman community hangs in the balance

Read more about these scenarios at Reddit here!


by LeperColony

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