Heroic Play

an AoS Skirmish expansion

In the Mortal Realms, there are many battles that climax after a few short engagements. These epic duels between heroes are fought over countless resources, from the liberation of captive free peoples, to the theft of ancient artifacts protected by tyrants. In Heroic Play, you will find yourself in the thick of these stories, leading a warband to victory in a clash of wills.

Heroic Play rules allow for tighter narratives across 2-3 battles, inspired by the Clash of Wills game mode from the 2016 Age of Sigmar General’s Handbook.  This expansion includes some additions to the rules that allow for interesting gameplay options. Featured is the Destined encounter, a new battleplan that is randomly generated each time, meaning new battles each time you roll off!

This download is for v3.0.  Visit this TGA Thread for the latest version of Heroic Play.


by James Soudachanh

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