Grom’s Cauldron Cookbook

an actual cookbook translating Grom's recipes from Total War: Warhammer II to the kitchen!

These recipes are sure to expand your waistline like the great Grom the Paunch himself! Grom is well on his way towards sampling the world’s many delicacies and these are just a few of them. His banqueting bonanzas have bestowed him with great width and power. His legendary feasts have given him a great gut to go with his power! No one will be able to stop him. Once he has conquered the culinary world, his great size and notoriety will give him the impetus to conquer the Warden’s guandy real and lands beyond. You too can feel some of the energy that surges through the Warlord Grom by trying out these foods.

*All recipes are adaptations from Total War: Warhammer II “The Warden and the Paunch” DLC. Please find all original recipes in the References section of this cookbook.

Download this cookbook directly from the author’s Dropbox here!

Read more about this cookbook over at Reddit here!


by catsorfries

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