Greed is Good

an AoS 3.0 narrative event that supports bribery, treachery, and backstabbing!

  1. Greed is Good focuses on the game that is played between players in the real world, not just the interaction of rules and models. Players are able to make deals with and bribes other players, using gold coins issued out at the beginning of the event, though, that doesn’t need to be the only barter currency. Anything goes, from offering to target a specific opponent to buying the other player a beer after the event. Each round the players find themselves in unique missions that are a long way away from the Matched Play mission found in the General’s Handbook. From Two vs Two games where your teammate MAY be a traitor, to free for all games where you’re bidding for an advantage from a 5th army, players are rewarded for thinking creatively.

Read more about this event at We Are The NEON here!

Download the battlepack directly from We Are The NEON here!


by Cory Bragg

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