Frontier Campaign

a Necromunda campaign that combines the best of Outlands & Ash Wastes

The Ash Wastes of Necromunda represent both desolation and opportunity. For those accustomed to the environs of the hives, the wastes seem inhospitable and lethal, but the seasoned denizens of the ash dunes scratch out a living without the oppressive oversight of the authoritarian systems of the hive. The ash frontiers are a hostile environment, the corrosive effects of the ash storms destroying all but the most fortified of settlements, but when the weather abates, new areas of trade spring up across the wastes, temporary refuge the ash caravans and hive outcasts rely on. Even the Ash Wastes Nomads are even known to form temporary settlements during these periods, resting and recuperating from the harsh toll the storms take.

The Frontier Campaign is a fanmade supplement for Necromunda that seeks to combine the settlement building aspects of the Outlands campaign from Book of the Outcast with the roadway action of the Ash Wastes campaign from the Ash Wastes boxed set. Each campaign week, gangs must choose whether to be aggressors, deploying their forces into the wastes to hunt for caravans and raid settlements, or to adopt a defensive posture, keeping their forces close to home. This campaign is very much designed around being played for a set period of time, the capricious nature of the ash wastes weather makes settlements a short lived affair, the weather again wipes the slate clean for the campaign to begin again.

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by Crimson Oracle @ The Dome Runners

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