First Blood v2.0 Army Lists

6x, official, army lists for the Conquest First Blood skirmish game

The force you bring to the Battlefield is chosen using an Army List. To help ensure you are playing a fair and balanced game, these Army Lists are chosen to equal points values.

Every Model in a game of Conquest First Blood! has a points value, representing its overall worth and prowess on the Battlefield. Models with higher points values are generally better or more flexible fighters, while those with lower points values are less effective, or are useful in a narrow set of circumstances.

Your Army’s points value is equal to the total points values of every Model in  your Army, plus those of any upgrades you have purchased for those Models. The higher the points values, the larger in terms of numbers and power the Army you have selected. By choosing Armies to equal points values, you and your opponent can ensure a fair, challenging battle.

An Army consists of three types of entities: Character Regiments, Officers and Regular Regiments. Each one of those options is drawn from the Army List of each Factions’ respective Army List. You must include one Character Regiment and any number of either Officers or Regular Regiments in your Army.

This download includes rules for the following factions:

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by Para Bellum Games

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