Fafnir Rann Datasheet

official Horus Heresy datasheet for Fafnir Rann

Fafnir Rann: Lord Seneschal, Commander of the Persephone, Captain of the First Assault Cadre, VIIth Legion Imperial Fists

As a commander Fafnir Rann adhered to one simple dictum: victory demands sacrifice. For, despite the shelter of high walls or the stubborn determination of a shield wall, even the most impenetrable defence can only deny victory to the enemy – victory comes only to those with the courage to attack.

As unstoppable on the attack as he is unyielding in his defence, Rann is an uncharacteristically bellicose and aggressive member of the VIIth Legion — often choosing to close with the enemy on his own terms, rather than rely on ranged firepower.

This download is for official rules for using Fafnir Rann in your games of The Horus Heresy.

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