Exemplary Battles: The Scouring of Gilden’s Star

an official HH mission recreating the Raven Guard's siege on Fulgrim's Perfect Fortress

After the atomantic obliteration of the city of Rosencrantz, the Blood Angels upon Gilden Prime were caught in disarray. Unable to effectively communicate and coordinate with Loyalist elements outside of their immediate locations, due to a pall of malicious interference across their vox networks, they were forced to fight defensively as isolated pockets of resistance against the onslaught of the duplicitous Word Bearers forces. After being rapidly encircled by enemies boasting overwhelming numerical superiority, it was not long before the IXth Legion found themselves fighting in a number of increasingly desperate last stands across the planet. Half-buried in drifts of smouldering shell casings and with the broken bodies of their fallen brothers littering the ground around them, the Blood Angels abandoned all hope of reinforcement and pressed back-to-back, they sought only to sell their lives as dearly as possible in the face of inevitable defeat. 

The mission presented here can be used to recreate the events that took place at Hezzar between the Blood Angels and Word Bearers.  However, players may wish to vary the forces used in these scenarios to portray alternative conflicts in the Age of Darkness, using the recommended army size of between 2,500-3,000 points.

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by Games Workshop

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