Exemplary Battles: The Burning of Ohmn-Mat

an official HH mission recreating the Loyalists attempts to destroy Sons of Horus Daemon summoning ritual sites

Facing defeat within the depths of the Thyaetiran forge-fane, the Sons of Horus turned to rituals long in the making to summon daemonic forces to their aid, each bloody invocation drawing the denizens of the Warp closer to manifesting. Against such profane arts, the Loyalists resorted to destroying as many of the Traitor ritual sites as they could, victory still within their grasp should they stem the tide of Daemons long enough to cut down the remaining Sons of Horus.

In this mission, one player will be the Defender, representing the Traitor forces attempting to unleash a daemonic host upon Ohmn-Mat, and the other will be the Attacker, representing the Loyalists attempting to disrupt the ritual so they can destroy their enemy.

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by Games Workshop

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