Exemplary Battles: The Battle for Kalium Gate

an official HH mission recreating the White Scars attempt to claim Void Dock Theta-3 from the Emperor's Children

To think of the Kalium Gate as a void station or satellite belied the immense scale of the construct and its defences prior to Perturabo’s assault, which rivalled that of the prime planet of any system. What was left after the ruin wrought by the IVth Legion remained just as gigantic in proportion, with internal spaces sufficient to manoeuvre entire armoured companies within and external areas with artificial atmosphere processors. One such sector of the Kalium Gate was Void Dock Theta-3, a position made strategically valuable by its vast hangars, loading and refitting bays that offered a void-borne army a perfect landing zone and staging point for further assaults. There the Great Khan’s White Scars would find themselves set against the might of the Emperor’s Children who, despite having only a brief window within which to set their defence amongst the ruins of Void Dock Theta-3, had created a gauntlet of fixed weaponry, overlapping fields of fire and ambush points to punish any force that sought to seize that strategic stronghold.

The mission presented here is intended to represent the White Scars’ assault on the Kalium Gate’s Void Dock Theta-3 against the entrenched forces of the Emperor’s Children. Players may, however, wish to vary the forces used in these scenarios to portray alternative conflicts in the Age of Darkness, using the recommended army size of between 2,500-3,000 points and the Crusade Force Organisation chart.

This 16-page PDF has all the lore and rules for refighting The Battle for Kalium Gate as the White Scars attempt to fight their way through the Emperor’s Children’s emplacements and claim Void Dock Theta-3 before they make their push for Terra.

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by Games Workshop

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