Escape from Pankallis

a multiplayer, narrative, WH40k Crusade event held at Warhammer World in 2021

The event so many feared has come to pass. Tyranids in Octarian space surge against the Imperium, attacking the Pankallis Sub-sector with little to no warning. No planet, and no organisation, was prepared.

There had been no reported build up of xenos near the Pankallis Sub-sector. The Tyranids were not deemed dominant enough to turn against Imperial worlds in strength. As such, the staff of Imperial commanders could only offer hypotheses. Multiple accounts of deadly warp phenomena implied the involvement of the forces of the Archenemy, but it was impossible to say if the xenos attacks were some by-product of this, or a calculated component. Some strategos suggested the xenos were running from warp forces deeper in Octarian space, or had been spat out by warp fluctuations at random.

The attacks against the Pankallis Sub-sector had initially come from within. How this had happened was still a mystery, but with so many worlds facing attacks at any one time, few were free to reinforce others. Some worlds had to contend with internal threats also, as mountainous Darkmont, holy Ahelmil and mineral-rich Saint’s Blessing all faced Genestealer Cult uprisings.

Amidst this chaos however, many forces were still looking for the source of the infestation, whilst also trying to avoid being taken over themselves…

This Crusade event has been carefully crafted to present a format that appeals to the broadest variety of players possible. This event pack provides information to prepare for the Escape from Pankallis Warhammer 40,000 Crusade events at Warhammer World. A Crusade weekend event at Warhammer World is more than just playing five games against other enthusiasts. You are taking part in a story. Missions reflect this and Objectives are there to help drive the narrative.

This download includes:

  • Player Pack
  • Crusade Mission Pack

This download doesn’t, currently, include resource cords!  Did you attend?  If you can help provide the resources to include with the download please email me!

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by Games Workshop

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