Dominion Zephon Datasheet

official Horus Heresy datasheet for Dominion Zephon

Dominion Zephon was both a warrior and an artist of great renown whose exemplary record was abruptly cut short when his body was maimed by a xenos blade during the Great Crusade. The bionics replacing his lost limbs refused to integrate with his body, taking away his ability to fight and create art and so Zephon solemnly accepted the duty and dubious honour of representing the Blood Angels Legion as part of the Crusader Host on Terra.

When the Horus Heresy broke out, Zephon was recruited by the Legio Custodes to fight in the Webway War where he earned the respect and friendship of Technoarcheologist Arkhan Land. Land took it upon himself to repair Zephon’s broken body and the Bringer of Sorrow was born again just as word of the Blood Angels’ return reached Terra. He eagerly rejoined the ranks of his Legion who embraced him even though he was a haunting reminder of a glorious past forever lost.

This download is for official rules for using Dominon Zephon in your games of The Horus Heresy.

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by Games Workshop

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