Death of Antagonis

6 mission, GM'd WH40k campaign for the Black Dragons Space Marine chapter

Emperor, curse thy servants that we might feel Thy shaping hand. Forge them fire and bone that we shall evermore mightily defend Thee. Mould them, O Emperor, our Father and Saviour of man and for the glory of Thy Name deliver Thy enemies unto us (O Emperor, hear our prayer) and let the cry of our rage come unto the heretic Bless the curse!

The first two scenarios of this Supplement involve the direction of a Game Master. The reason for this is that these missions are extremely nonstandard and it may be necessary to have an objective individual whose only goal is to ensure the other player(s) have a fun game. If this does not sound enjoyable for any of the players, we suggest skipping these scenarios.

This campaign is designed for the Black Dragons Space Marine Chapter and contains special units and characters suited to them.

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by Masters of the Forge

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