Da Bridge

a 2 player Gorkamorka scenario

Mobs often stop in the middle of nowhere for a few days to hunt for scrap. A popular side activity to the scrap hunt is to sit down at some landmark for a few hours (usually a bridge), and demand a few teef to let other mobs pass. Naturally, no-one wants to pay up so a punch up begins!

The TCRepo download link contains a high res PDF. The original download page (with a lower res PDF) can be found here!

This file was originally part of the Gorkamorka Heritage Project.

This download was made possible by the amazing work done over at The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site.  If you’re serious about Gorkamorka, tUGS is your new best friend!


by Eren Kauptland

courtesy of The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site


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