Codex: Thunder Warriors

a homebrew WH40k Codex optimized for 3rd edition but portable to all editions

My friend, let me tell of you of a time when giants walked the earth; not the fallen angels we see now, but true titans who cared for little save might and conquest.  There was a time of chaos that enveloped this planet, and the only solution was a breed of warriors so dangerous, they could barely be controlled.

I came upon this knowledge by chance, and must now pay for the sin of merely knowing too much. The heresy war that recently consumed much of this galaxy is so black and white. We have loyalists and traitors; those who see the Emperor’s
light, and those who deny it. Imagine a time when these lines were not so cleanly drawn, with legions of bloodthirsty beasts that did the bidding of a higher power and took many liberties. Try to envision entire continents of guilty and innocents swept away in a sea of righteous slaughter. This time was not so long ago, but has been carefully concealed. All traces of these mythical monsters have been so utterly cleansed from record, that only a privileged few still have access to their deeds.

That is how I come to be in this place now. You see, being the senior archivist for a Terran lord comes with a great many luxury, such as access to records that few know exist. Upon my studies a fortnight ago, I stumbled upon some scrolls that opened my mind, even as it slammed the door shut on my fate. Unbeknownst to me, my most loyal servo-skull had secretly relayed its picto-records to a new secretive order; a cadre of zealots, this ‘’Inquisition’’. After over six decades of loyal service, my only reward is to be a lasbolt in the back of my head.. Emperor save the galaxy if this Inquisition organization comes into a position of sustained power. My time is short, friend. Let me tell you of the Thunder Warriors.

This codex contains everything you will need to field an army of Thunder Warriors alongside their allies of the Mechanicum and Imperial Guard during the Unification Wars. There are also rules for fielding a renegade force of Thunder Warriors during the 30K and 40K eras alongside the renegade Space Marine chapter, The Emperor’s Relics. Some of the most famous characters of the Unification Wars are covered in this codex including the infamous Arik Taranis.  Compatible with all versions of Warhammer 40K, gamers will feel right at home whether they are playing with the basic rules of 3rd edition, or the intricate 9th edition. Rules are also provide for the famed Imperial Robots of the Mechanicum. Most weapons will be instantly recognizable for the 40K faithful, along with some new and delightful weapons of war.

The foundation of this codex is built upon the 3rd edition rule system, and experienced gamers should have no problem modifying the stats to whatever rule edition they prefer. Whether you love or hate this codex, I hope this will inspire you to support the 40K universe using your creativity. The future of the 40k universe is in your hands. How will you better it?


by Ray Gamer

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