Bravery One British Open 2018

a 5 round, competitive, AoS Singles Tournament

Hi from all the Cru on Bravery One and welcome to The Bravery One British Open 2018 pack, or BOBO for short!  Here at Bravery One we all love going to events because we love the atmosphere, meeting new people, talking Warhammer and of course playing games. So what better way to celebrate our love of events than to create one ourselves!! Our sole aim is to encompass all the aspects of Warhammer we love, and bring a super fun event with something a bit different to as many like-minded people as we can!! If you like our show you’ll love our event and we hope you can come along to help us celebrate all that is great about Age of Sigmar.

The event included a five-game competition as well as best painted and coolest army, with prizes also being given for best sports and best club. Last place received the coveted Scooby Doo in recognition of their efforts.

Read more about the Bravery One British Open 2018 here!


by Bravery One

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