Big Trouble in Little Azyrheim

a five battleplan, AoS, skirmish campaign of two warbands battling for control of the city of Reaper

A most foul assassination has been perpetrated in Reaper. Overlord Grimni the Grim has fallen to the blades of an unknown enemy leaving behind an empty seat on the Lords’ Council. Until a new champion arises to fill the vacuum of power, the streets of Little Azyrheim will run red.

At the foot of Mount Koula rests the Free City of Reaper, home to the mercenary forces of Efengie. All are welcome in the Free City, so long as they abide the rule of the Reaper King, a regent as powerful as he is ancient, who none dare cross.

Reaper is still no safe haven. Infighting between the different factions is a daily occurrence. While the center of town is kept relatively safe by the Order Hippopcrene, visiting the Burned District or Blighted Row can be a death sentence for unwary travelers.

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by Duncan Hall

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