Battletome: The End Times

The (WHFB) End Times books & scenarios reinterpreted for Age of Sigmar

The End Times is here!

That is, the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar End Times Battletome, written and edited by Alexander Nygård (of the Fjordhammer Podcast). The unofficial battletome features more than 100 photos of painted models, all on round bases. More than 50 different AoS fans have contributed to the project. Although the tome is released digitally, it has 49 battleplans, 5 campaigns, time of war rules, and 150 pages of beautiful content. This is no simple event player’s pack, this is The End Times!

Alexander, one of the original members of the NEO Network, has been working on this project for 2 years, to reinterpret the Warhammer: End Times books and scenarios to work with the Age of Sigmar game system. And the contributions from so many in the AoS community to help make this such an impressive release demonstrates a true community effort.

The download includes:

  • Mighty Battles Campaign System
  • Battletome: Nagash
  • Battletome: Glottkin
  • Battletome: Khaine
  • Battletome: Thanqol
  • Battletome: Archaon

Read more about the Mighty Battles Campaign System and the five Battletomes at the NEON Battletome: End Times page.


by Alexander Nygård

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