Battletome: Gnomad Feastmasters

an unofficial AoS 2.0/3.0 Battletome to scratch that Halfing itch!

Warring Gods pay no heed to the soft of foot or the low of voice. So relentless are their desires to sow ruin in their wake and make dust of life. Whilst these seething forces crash upon each other; a bloody tide, forever ebbing and flowing, an unseen folk make good in the quiet places.

Sigmar sees not this little people. His baleful gaze is drawn only to battle, that his forces may once again enslave the Realms under the dominion of Man. Atop his lofty spires, Sigmar cares not for the meek denizens of the Realms he presumes to rule. But others do. The God-King betrayer has long-forgotten his once-kin; abandoned eons past, consigned forever into the abyss of the World-That-Was. As a dormant seed in the cruel-lest of winters, this hardy folk did not perish. Instead they germinated, deep from view and over the ages, coming to prosper in perfect symbiosis with all about them. Though the Gnomads emerged from hibernation and blossomed, their pathways through the realms remain concealed even from the scrying of sorcerers and far-seers.

Across verdant trails do the great Gnomadic caravans meander, following mighty herds across sweeping savannah and over frigid tundra. Gifted by Gyhran, these trails were once pristine arteries, sustaining an antediluvian idyll untouched by the machinations of war. The Necroquake changed everything. Malign lights starkly reveal these once hidden pathways. Incursions hurry through tears in their worn fabric to gorge themselves upon virgin bounty. Stout defenders of all things pure and a once peaceful folk, the Gnomad Feastmasters rouse themselves for war.

Are you ready Hot Pots and Hedge Hermits?  Eagle Riders and Giant Swans?  Ram Riders and Caravans Drivers?  Well you’re in luck!  From the mind of Darren Watson comes a gorgeous, fully illustrated and well thoughout Battletome for the Gnomad Feastmasters.  These diminutive warriors bring everything you love about Halflings to Age of Sigmar!  They’re tough and determined with just the right amount of silliness!

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by Darren Watson


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