A Dream of Pestilence

a Warcry campaign event for any number of players!

The Bloodwind Spoils is a chaos-infused space, like the rest of the Eightpoints, and odd events tend to happen.  Today is one of those days!  Your warband is resting, in between it’s perilous quest and the dangers lurking around you; you thought you were safe.  Physically, you are, but unfortunately for you all, Nurgle’s influence has bled into this area of the Bloodwind Spoils and you are now in A Dream of Pestilence.

You and members of your warband are in a dream – at least you are as sure as you can be in the Eightpoints.  A pervasive mist envelopes the city you have found yourself in and the stench of death hangs in the air.  Not the stale smell of old death, but the cloying sickening sweet smell of rot and decay.  You hear moans and the shuffling of feet and see plague zombies wandering the streets and crawling from the ruins of the buildings.  You are not alone, as other warbands are also trapped amongst the dead.  You wonder why you are here, but a deep chuckle rumbles across the sky and rattles the buildings and you hear a kind grandfatherly voice state, “Welcome children!  Which of you will last the longest?  Only one can be the most resilient!”.

A Dream of Pestilence is an “endless wave” scenario (think classic zombie hordes!) that you can run in the middle of a Warcry league (or just with a friend) to add a bit of variety to the standard campaign.  Even better, it supports any number of players.  Try to stay alive as long as you can while killing as many players and zombies as possible!

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by StoneMonkGamer & Josh Arrington @ Dogs of Warcry (of The Mortal Realms)

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